The Top 4 Hiking Trails in the USA

If you didn’t know, in the past walking presented poverty and vagabondage which only courage and free spirited people could allow themselves to do. Today in the United States hiking presents walking out of a house in hiking shoes, on/off a trail, to recreation and adventure. If you are wondering what are the most popular hiking trails in the USA, we give you the list of the top four and hope you will visit those great places.

Mooney Falls, Grand Canyon National Park

Mooney Falls, Grand Canyon National Park

This trail is located in Arizona, it is long (about 3 miles) and presents one of the most stunning and adventurous walks in all USA. If you choose this trail, you will start from the Supai village in the Hualapai Indian Reservation, where you can find guest cottages and a campground.

This information is important to everyone who wants to camp here and spend a couple of days exploring this place and its great waterfalls like Navajo Falls, Mooney Falls or Havasu Falls.

After this adventure, you can continue with the trail that is full of tunnels and down ladders. Through the entire route, you will have unforgettable views of the great falls and at the end there is the plunge pool with an aquamarine color which, against the red rock canyon, looks like a bijou. Must mention – this place is surrounded by a wild grape vine.

Harding Icefield Trail, Kenai Fjords National Park

Harding Icefield Trail

Located in Alaska, near Seward in Kenai Fjords National Park, this trail is a time machine – it will definitely return you to the ice age. It is four miles long and climbs from the valley floor, then continues through the forest and field, ending with a great “watchtower” over the Harding Icefield that presents a combination of a big layer of ice and snow that spreads for over 300 square miles and more than 45 glaciers in all ways.

One important piece of information is this trail is full of black bears so it will be good that before you go, read something about safety.

Kalalau Trail

The first association in Hawaii is the great ocean and wonderful beaches, but this great island also has one of the most beautiful and mind blowing trails in the world. So be prepared to take your camera and start hiking.

For all “secret beach lovers”, the 11 miles long Kalalau Trail leads to a place like this – offering you the only land access to this part of Hawaii Island. This trail is like a dream because it crosses more than four valleys to give you a stunning look at all tropical forests, Pali Sea and many alone beaches and cliffs. At the end of the path, you can expect a real, personal paradise where you must spend a night under the stars.

And for the fruit lowers there is one dirt path which you can follow from the Kalalau Beach, which leads to terraces where fruits like mango, guava and Java plum trees grow. Of course, you can take some fruit and eat it.

Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park

This trail is located in Utah and it presents one of the most popular and exciting trails in the USA. Besides remarkable views, the great engineering in the switchback paths and the wide paths for three quarters of the walk can be completed by anyone with a little time, and persistence. Anyone who loves rock scrambling will adore the final accent, over sandstone, using chains and your hands. It only takes 3.5 hours, including a stop at the top, so visit this place and enjoy hiking through Angel’s Landing.


Designing Houses and Living like a Caveman

Client and Architect relationshipEver since I was a child, I have always loved houses. I appreciate each house I visit, and at a very young age, I became aware that some houses are nice, whilst some would need some ‘TLC’ and maintenance work. Since then, I have decided that the time will come when I would be designing houses that people will get to call as their homes. Fast forward to so many years later and I am living my dream. I am designing houses for a living and I can never be happier.

Some people might think that house designing is an easy task, but I actually have to consider a lot of things before I can start designing.

  • The design that the owner wants should always be taken into consideration. I may choose to give suggestions on how to make the design better, but it would still depend on the owner and how he or she would like the house to look like.
  • The size of the lot will also matter in designing houses because some house designs are better for big houses while others will fit well in small lots.
  • The budget of the owner would also have to be considered to know the proper materials that can be used to still make the house look its best even with a limited budget.

These things are just some of the things that I have to think about every time I meet with a client. I also make sure that I am able to answer all of the questions pertaining to how the house would be made. Over the past years, I have integrated a lot of eco -riendly houses that will help the environment better. Technology has made it possible for those items to be available. Admittedly, there was a time when I became too busy with the things that I had to do, that I forgot how to live healthily.

There was even a time when I did not care how I looked. A friend pointed out though that I was too focused on making houses that are good for the environment, but I exposed my body to food items that are not good for my body. His point made me think and realize that I should start taking care of my body and I did that through the Paleo Diet.

Paleo pyramid food chartThe Paleo Diet is also known as the caveman diet. This probably pertains to the type of food that will be eaten. One way to know if the food product can be eaten is to think if that type of food was available to cavemen in the past. If it was not available, it should not be eaten. Through this diet, I was able to sort out the food products that I should and should not eat. I started going with my wife to the grocery store just to pick the right food products. Not only did I start seeing some changes easily, I realized that I was able to move more. I can go to clients easier and I know that I am never going back to the type of lifestyle that I had before.

The thing with the Paleo diet is that it is not similar to the other diets that we can find right now wherein we can just stop with the diet and go back to our old lifestyle. This diet is something that can be done for life. It is like a choice. Given the chance to be healthier, why not choose this, right? I honestly  think that I am living the  life I have always dreamed of living thanks to my job and the lifestyle I have right now.

The Most Important Advice I Can Give to My Daughters

Father and daughter playing togetherMy two daughters are my life. They are my pride and joy. After a long day at work, I just have to go home and feel their embrace to show that they missed me and all the work that I have done just seems to go away. Whilst there are also moments when I know that they would have to be disciplined, I integrate some of the rules of parenting that I know will help in raising my daughters well. My wife, Susan and I always talk about various methods that we can use not only because we would like to be good parents, but because we believe that raising our daughters well will also be good for them.

Parenting Rules

  • On Things My Daughters  Want

There are moments when my heart breaks when I have to tell my daughters that they cannot purchase some items that they dream of purchasing. I fear that if I give in too easily, it would spoil them and think that everything that they want would be within reach. In order to help them still get the item (if it is worth it), what my wife and I do is that we let them work for it.

They earn some “points” that can be converted into the item that they want. The points may be received depending on the chores that they do around the house, or how well they do in school. They have managed to understand the system easily. One time I even heard my younger daughter comment that she would work harder to get better grades, so that she could get the toy she wanted from the toy store.

  • On Disciplining my Daughters

Disciplining the child in calmly in privateI have heard advice from another parent before, that scolding the child in front of other children will make the child remember the shame for the rest of his or her life. I do not want to let that happen to my daughters so if one of them does something wrong, I lead my daughter to another room and I calmly talk to her about what just happened. I also ask her to explain her side and I also tell mine, so that she understands that we are a team and that I am not someone who will give out punishment just like that. Usually, my daughters realize that they have truly made some mistakes and they accept their small punishments calmly, and apologize.

  • Spending Time

I am very busy with work and so is my wife, but we know that we have to work hard in order to provide for the needs of my daughters. We make it a point to spend time with them at least an hour or so every day and ask them about how their day went. They become more at ease with saying what the things that are bothering them are.

It also gives them the chance to show their good grades that they have received in school. Quality time is essential because we do not want our daughters to think that we are too engulfed with work. It also helps us understand them more.

My wife and I, we are very modern parents. We believe that times have changed so much since we were kids, so we cannot expect the same things that we have experienced before to happen to our daughters now. We have to keep up with the times to become better, and to make parenting easier.

The most important advice that I can give to my daughters is to just be themselves. They do not have to imitate or to pretend in order to be accepted. When they live out how they want to live their lives, they become more free and happier.

The Top 5 Tips to a Better House

Designing houses for a living is something that I enjoy immensely, but it took years before I was able to realize that a better house is a more environment friendly home. I have managed to sway with the changes brought about by technology. Some people may think that technology is a bad thing, but it can be good when used the right way. Are you dreaming of having a more eco-friendly home? Then read on.

  • Using solar panel and wind turbine at homeConsider Solar Panels and Wind Turbines – When you think about the things that you are going to place inside your home, what are the things that you are going to use often? A lot of people would say that would be their personal computers, gadgets, home entertainment and their appliances. All of the items that will fall under these categories would have to run on electricity. When a lot of electricity is being used, it can make the house hotter. This is the reason why some people feel uncomfortable inside their homes. The electricity bill runs high, however, when people have solar panels, it takes natural energy from the sun that can be used to power some of the items inside the home. It can lower electricity and make the house comfortable at the same time. For people who live at places where a lot of wind circulates, wind turbines may also help.
  • Make sure Lawns are Well Kept – A lot of people probably do not realize that they are using too much water. If you would want the lawn and garden at your house to look great, you are recommended to water your plants in the morning. Plants, flowers and grass usually become stressed as the sun becomes too hot. Making sure that they are watered before the sun becomes too hot and too bright will make them grow better. When the lawn or the garden of the house looks great, the whole house looks better overall.
  • Make Sure Air Flows Freely Inside the House – There are times when people forget about some of the rooms inside their homes especially those that are not used often. Sometimes, attics and basements smell bad because not a lot of air is able to enter, often giving rooms such as these a stuffy and musty smell. Installing some windows and making sure that those windows are opened from time to time will keep the air flow and smell fresher throughout the house.
  • Check Plumbing – There are some guests that immediately feel uncomfortable when the plumbing system of the house that they are in are not working that well.  Aside from the guests, it can also be bad for the people who are living inside the house too. Checking your plumbing system will not only help you save more money in the long run, but you are also making your house look better.
  • Tiles for roofing homesUse Tiles for Roofing – There are some people who would like to make sure that their roof can last for a long time. Tiles have been used by people for a long time and they tend to stand to the weather and elements better. If they are well kept and maintained, they can last for a hundred years. This is eco-friendly because they do not need to be replaced immediately and they also act as a barrier of heat that may enter the house in hot spells at Summer.

Through these simple changes made with your home, you can make it more eco-friendly, and you can then have a house that you can surely call a home.